Tidal Wave



It is clear that world society is going through profound change in the way it functions.  We are watching the emergence of Electronic Government, Electronic Commerce and non-stop business and government operations from any place at any time.  The fundamental rules of government, business and economics are rapidly evolving which is a direct result of pervasive and accelerating Information Technology.  Following are a few issues for consideration:

The old rules of economics do not apply in the evolving Information Economy. 
Governmental agencies can be absorbed by other governmental agencies just as businesses can be absorbed by another businesses.  This will also occur across pedigrees as boundaries disappear.  
The services of the Information Age are not optional; i.e., complete, on-line, Electronic Commerce, 24/7/365, across jurisdictional lines.  the rules of the Information age are emerging; however, one thing is clear, "there are no Boundaries".
The one stop portal will soon allow customers to renew their license, pay bills, fill a prescription, and register to vote in one stop. 
The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of an organization must have the knowledge and skill to stay with the pace of evolving technology.