About the Author


The objective of this document is to provide top-level decision makers with  an understanding of the Information Technology evolution and current thinking about Strategic Vision, Strategic Issues, and the various forms of Strategic Planning.    

I take full responsibility for the content of this document.  This writing comes from my thirty-five years of experience and research dating back to the formative years of computer systems and Information Technology (IT).  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Business from CAL State University back when Information Technology was known as "Data Processing" and was part of the Business School.  

I have held several executive level positions in the course of my many years in IT, including Chief Information Officer.   I lead a confederation of highly skilled professionals with broad experience in the functional areas of business and government.  We provide services in the areas of:

Strategic Planning; 
E-Government Planning
Security, Authentication and Validation
Internet Systems Analysis, Design and Development
Installation of hardware, software and networks 

The organizations that will succeed in the Information Age and the era of E-Commerce and E-Government, are those that make the most informed use of Information Technology.

William H. Hookano